Sample Rental Agreement

Seabreeze Property Management, LLC (SPM)

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Rental Agreement - Terms of Occupancy

The bedroom set-up for your accommodations - (All include professionally laundered bed linens, pillows and blankets):

1st Floor – 2 bedrooms – 1 bedroom with a single King bed. The second bedroom has a bunkbed with a Full Bed below and a Twin Bed above. Also, there is a Daybed with a Twin Mattress and pull-out Twin Mattress below. (This floor can accommodate up to 7 people)

2nd Floor – 2 bedrooms – 1 bedroom with a single King Bed and a single Twin Bed. The second bedroom has a Queen Bed. (This floor accommodates 5 people)

3rd Floor – (4 bedrooms) – Four separate Queen bedrooms. One bedroom is adjacent and connected to another Queen bedroom. (This floor accommodates 8 people)

1.  RESERVATION DEPOSIT:  Reservations require 50% of the Total Rent Payment. The rental fee includes a Security/Damage Deposit, and any additional service charges requested by tenant.

2.  PAYMENTS/BALANCES DUE:  An additional payment of the remaining 50% balance of the Total Rent Payment is due within 60 days of the reservation date.  The reservation may be cancelled without notice if required payments are not received by Seabreeze Property Management (SPM) by due date.

3.  PRICE CHANGES: Reservations made and confirmed four (4) months or more prior to check-in date, may be subject to a price increase due to unanticipated market or property economic conditions. In the event of a price increase, SPM shall notify Tenant in writing no less than 90 days in advance of the arrival date. Upon such notification, Tenant shall have fifteen (15) days to either approve the price change(s) or, at Tenant option, may cancel the reservation without penalty and SPM shall return all deposits within ten days of receipt of written notice from Tenant. If Tenant does not respond to a price increase notification within the required fifteen (15) days, the booking and reservation may be cancelled by SPM/Owner without notice and the property rented to another party.

4.  EVENTS & FEES:  Tenant may, with prior written approval from SPM, hold an event or gathering at the property that exceeds the 20 persons maximum number of house occupants. Such use shall be detailed in an Addendum A to be attached and become a part of this agreement.  Following are the event descriptions and rates:

•          Non-Tented catered or non-catered private party or gathering not to exceed 30 persons - Rate: $100

•          Non-Tented catered or non-catered private party or gathering not to exceed 60 persons – Rate: $250

•          Tented catered or non-catered private party or gathering not to exceed 40 persons - Rate: $250

•          Tented catered or non-catered private party or gathering not to exceed 80 persons – Rate: $500 or w/floor - $750

•          Events over 80 persons must be approved in advance by SPM and are subject to additional fees


5.  CLEANING FEE: Tenants are responsible for leaving the property in good order before departure. With a limited time available between guests, we ask that tenant complete the following to avoid extra charges:

•          Return furniture to original location.

•          Wash & put away all dishes including those in dishwasher.

•          Clean the gas grill surface with grill tools provided.

•          Remove all food from the house including items in refrigerator and cabinets/closets – (Except house supplied condiments)


6.  SECURITY/DAMAGE DEPOSIT: A Security/Damage Deposit of $1,000 is required to ensure compliance with the terms of occupancy.  The Security/Damage Deposit is held until a determination of the condition and content of the property has been verified.  Security/Damage Deposits will be sent within 20 days of departure.  Amounts may be withheld to cover damage, missing household items, extra cleaning and unnecessary service calls.  Please report any problems or damages observed in the rental property upon check-in. Unreported problems or damages are assumed to have occurred during the current occupancy.

7.  CANCELLATIONS: 100% refund if Tenant cancels at least 60 days before check-in. No refund if Tenant cancels less than 60 days before check-in. All cancellations must be confirmed in writing by SPM. To avoid any possibility of forfeiting the total rental amount, we recommend that Tenant consider obtaining separate trip insurance.

7a. RE-RENTAL DEPOSIT RECOVERY OPTION: In the event Tenant cancels in less than the required 60-day notice (above), SPM may, at its option, extend to Tennant partial recovery of rental amounts if the property is successfully re-rented for any dates and at least the same rates shown in this agreement. For any cancelled Tenant dates that are successfully re-rented, Tenant shall receive 80% of the re-rented amount up to the Tenant’s daily rate less a $100.00 administrative fee.  If the property is unable to be re-rented for the cancelled period, the total rental amount will be due, with all advance rental payments forfeited less any prepaid tax, cleaning, or service/administrative fees shown in this rental agreement.

8.  COVID-19 POLICY: Any cancellations due to COVID-19 requested by Tenant will be governed by Section 7. CANCELLATIONS above. SPM will comply with any state and federal order regarding COVID-19 matters including quarantine travel requirements or restrictions that could affect travel to and from RI. SPM and Owner shall not be responsible for unanticipated changes in state or federal regulations or orders regarding size of gatherings or other matters that may affect Tenant/guest stay, arrival or departure dates. No refunds shall be due for any reason due to the COVID-19 virus.

9. REFUND OR REBATES: there will be no refunds for inclement weather, changes in beach sizes, other “Acts of God” or other conditions beyond the control of SPM. 

10.  CHANGING RESERVATIONS:  Any change or transfer of a confirmed reservation is subject to a $100.00 administrative fee and approval of the property owner.

11.  PETS & NON-SMOKING:  Pets are NOT permitted in or on the premises.  Smoking is NOT permitted inside the premises. Violators of this section are subject to immediate eviction and loss of the balance of the unused rental charges including Security/Damage Deposit.

12.  METHOD OF PAYMENT:  All payments are to be in U.S. dollars and funds drawn upon US banks. If Tenant prefers to use a Visa or MasterCard debit/credit, a 5% bank processing and administrative surcharge will be applied. Any additional fees for rental payments made via wire transfer or international exchange rates, shall be responsibility of Tenant.

13.  CHECK-IN TIME (3PM):  Check-ins take place on your own - right at the property. Please schedule your arrival at your convenience any time after 3 PM. Early entry is not permitted unless arranged in writing in advance.

14.  CHECK-OUT TIME (10AM):  Check-out and vacating the property on the day of departure is 10AM.  Tenant may be charged one additional day rental if property is not vacated by check-out time. 

15.  SUBLETTING PROHIBITED:  Tenant acknowledges that the rental property may not be sublet. Subleasing shall immediately void any Terms of Occupancy and terminate this rental agreement, and tenant must immediately vacate the premises.

16.  GUESTS/OCCUPANCY:  Maximum occupancy of this property is limited to 20 people. Overnight guests are limited to this maximum occupancy.

17.  HOUSE PARTIES/QUIET HOURS: House parties and large gatherings exceeding the maximum occupancy are not permitted without advance written permission from the owner. Tenants must respect quiet time between 10 PM and 8 AM. Tenant shall keep the volume of any voices or any piece of equipment which emits sound, sufficiently reduced so as not to disturb nearby residents. If the Tenant receives a notice from SPM or the police department that there has been a disturbance at the Property which has caused a nuisance to the neighborhood, a fine of $100 will be deducted from the Security Deposit. If there is a second such notification, the rental agreement will be terminated, and tenant must immediately vacate the premises. Any breach of the RI General Laws relative to disturbing the enjoyment of the homes of the neighbors, or disturbing the peace of the neighborhood, will be considered a breach of this Agreement.

18.  PARKING:  Parking on the property is limited to the designated parking area and a maximum of 10 cars.

19.  CAMPERS, MOTORHOMES & TENTS: No parking of campers, motor homes or the use of recreational tents is allowed.

20.  COMPLIMENTARY CONDIMENTS & SUPPLIES FURNISHED: A starter supply of coffee & filters, creamer, paper towels, toilet paper, hand soap and trash bags are provided for your convenience. Also provided is Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Sugar, Salt & Pepper. Please bring an additional personal supply of these and other favorite items for your stay.

21.  ACCOMMODATIONS:  The property is furnished for housekeeping including:

•          Cookware, flatware and dishes, pots and pans, coffeemaker, Keurig, blender, and toaster.

•          Kitchen has two refrigerators, electric range/oven, dishwasher, microwave, and small appliances.

•          Separate Wine, Coffee & Breakfast Bar on the second floor including: Wine cooler, Coffee Maker, under-counter refrigerator, plates, barware, etc.

•          Two laundry rooms with full-size Washer & Dryer on the first and second floors.

•          Large dining room that will accommodate 10 to 16 guests. Upon prior request, the dining table can be extended, and additional seating provided.

•          Large outside deck, separate tiled patio with large gas grille.


22. ENTERTAINMENT & ELECTRONICS:  The property is equipped with three Big Screen HDTVs with cable service to connect Tenant-subscribed streaming channels like Netflix and more. Please DO NOT ATTACH OR ATTEMPT TO ATTACH ANY GAMING OR OTHER DEVICE TO THE TVs. This can result in a service charge to restore original TV/Internet.

23. WIRELESS INTERNET: This property is equipped with wireless Broadband, High-Speed Internet.

The User ID: TBD The Password: TBD

24. GAS GRILLS: The Property includes one or more gas grills. Please be sure that the grill cooking surfaces are left clean and the gas tank is turned off (turn right) upon departure.

25. BEACH EQUIPMENT/CAMPFIRES: The house is equipped with beach towels, a large cooler, and a large-wheeled rolling cart to bring all personal beach gear and cooler to the beach right down the sidewalk.  For health and personal safety reasons, please bring personal beach gear or children’s beach toys from home. Local rental of beach gear and bicycles is available – please contact us for details.

26. MECHANICAL & APPLIANCE FAILURE:  SPM will use its best efforts to have mechanical (water, septic, electrical and plumbing) and appliance failures corrected as soon as possible, but cannot control the scheduling of outside service contractors. NO REFUNDS can be made for appliance or mechanical failures or breakdowns.  SPM shall have the right to arrange, inspect and make repairs during rental period. Tenant may be charged for unnecessary maintenance and service calls or repairs caused by abuse beyond normal wear and tear. 

27. CONSTRUCTION:  It may be necessary to perform inside repairs or outside property maintenance from time to time during a tenant stay. We have no control over new construction in the area and cannot move or offer refunds due to such occurrences.

28. COMMUNITY RULES/REGULATIONS:  Individual communities have rules and regulations that are part of the tenants Terms and Conditions of Occupancy.  Community rules that apply are available on the Town of Narragansett website. 

29. LIABILITY:  Tenant(s) hereby agree(s) to hold and save harmless the property owner, Seabreeze Property Management, LLC, their employees and contractors from personal injuries or damages to personal property of Tenant(s), Tenant’s relatives or visitors by reason of any cause whatsoever, either in or about the occupied property.

30. ACTS OF GOD or NATURE: SPM and Owner individually and collectively are relieved of any liability if unable to meet the terms and conditions of this Agreement due to any "Act of God or Nature", riots, epidemics, pandemics, strikes, or any government act or order which is beyond their control. 

31. PERSONAL ITEMS LEFT AT HOUSE:  If personal possessions of the Tenant are left behind after departure, SPM shall use reasonable efforts to locate return such items. A service charge of $25.00 plus shipping may apply.

32. TENANT RESPONSIBILITY:  The Tenant whose name appears on this Agreement must be at least 25 years of age and shall be responsible for all terms and conditions set forth in this agreement for them, their guests or others they may have on the property during their term of occupancy. A copy of Tenant’s federally issued ID or state Driver’s License will be required to accompany this rental agreement. 

33. VIOLATION OF TERMS OR CONDITONS OF OCCUPANCY:  When Tenant(s) violate(s) any of the terms of this agreement, property rules, community rules or regulations, the tenant(s) may be asked to vacate the property by SPM and NO refund shall be due to Tenant(s). 

This Rental Agreement is required to be signed and returned by Tenant within 5 days of receipt